If you found us, we know we can trust you!

Welcome to the Secret Vinyl Club. You’ve reached, an organization dedicated to inform, interact, and inspire the vinyl record community.

Secret Vinyl Club Purpose: 
Everything Secret Vinyl Club does is with the belief of informing the world about the power of music and collecting vinyl records. 
We think that collecting vinyl records are both inspirational and mentally healing. 
The way we inform the world of the benefits of collecting records is by creating an interactive fun community of vinyl record collectors.


Remember when record stores started to shut down and suddenly had a spark in sales? That was Secret Vinyl Club. It’s not a big deal or anything. While this club is secret, it warmly welcomes all types of record collectors.


We are looking for recruits from around the world to help us achieve our goals to document, preserve, and engage the vinyl record society.

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Best wishes,

Secret Vinyl Club


PS: Don’t tell anybody about this club.

(Unless it’s an awesome person, you’ll recognize them when you see them.)

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WARNING: None of our emails will self-destruct, but if you don’t see a bunch (or any) from us, please remain calm. To limit digital breadcrumbs, we email sparingly.


How did it start?

Secret Vinyl Club is a project for vinyl record collectors from around the world. The project originated in Chicago & Miami before a 2016 Austin prototype launch. The founder of Secret Vinyl Club is Agent JJ also know as @iamjacquelin on Instagram. Visit her page to see her daily vinyl record post and missions.

When can you meet up with Secret Vinyl Club?

The Secret Vinyl Club will be attending major highly classified events. We’ll tell you via email when our agents are cleared to provide you with the confidential details. Recruits who visit our station will receive a free little gift and possible access to fun disguises for a photo opportunity.